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Welcoming These Inspiring Groups To Yelapa

Enjoy the Village Yoga ExperienceJudith 15. Reached only by boat, find yourself walking the village paths. Enjoy the beach and river, refreshing in waterfalls, doing yoga in the lovely Sky Temple with tropical species of birds as background to your practice. Eat delicious food, get nurtured by our skilled massage team, go out dancing to live music under the stars along the river.  It’s my pleasure to work with our local team to welcome you and show you the best Yelapa has to offer. Next season is filled with teachers and communities offering rich yoga and spiritual feedings.  Come join us in Yelapa!  

Judith Roth “Keeper Of The Sky Temple

 Sky Temple1Yelapa offers the opportunity to be in a village with no cars, walk in the midst of peaceful native life, enjoy the river, beach, sea, mountain, waterfalls and over 350 various species of birds.  Sky Temple retreats are designed for people who like to walk and hike as part of their daily travel combined with yoga, nature and village life.  



Moving From The External To Internal: Observation, Reflection, Absorption
with Lori Gholson November 14-21, 2015

Lori 15Yoga is a process which offers the opportunity to delve into the present moment and experience the totality of our existence. 

Daily asana and pranayama classes are presented skillfully, with loving attention to each pose.  All levels of experience are accommodated and celebrated!

Being in the Sky Temple is truly ecstatic and expansive! Please join Lori and friends for a week of transformation & delight.
Contact: www.lorigholson.com


Embracing Shakti: Invoking the Goddess – A Women’s Yoga Retreat at Sky Temple
with Carla Wainwright November 28 – December 5, 2015

Carla 15Join Carla for her 3rd year at Sky Temple for a week dedicated to releasing your inner Shakti! Using the archetypes and mythos of the Hindu goddesses, we will create a sacred space of healing, expressing, and living our authentic self through an initiation into the sacred art of female sexual energy practices as well as an exploration of natural movement and deep stillness. Our practices will include asana, pranayama, sensual Qi Gong, tantra, meditation and ceremony all of which will allow us to release, restore and rediscover our individual uniqueness, power and creativity.



Relax and explore the incredible paradise that is Yelapa! All levels welcome.

Contact: www.carlawainwright.com   carla.wainwright@gmail.com   250.961.0123


Yoga For The Body; Nature For The Soul
with Sue Brantley January 16-23, 2016

sueJoin Sue Brantley, certified yoga and pilates teacher, for a week of movement at the spectacular Sky Temple in Yelapa. Sue will teacher her unique combination of yoga, pilates, myofascial release, somatic exercise, gi gong, pranayama and meditation every day. 

She has led yoga retreat since 2001, and is skilled at teaching students of varying levels and abilities. While stressing the important of excellent alignment, she also encourages people to look within to find their truth in any given posture or excercise, or meditation. Sue creates an atmosphere of camaraderie and support among her students, and has a relaxed and warm demeanor as a teacher. While keeping the safety of each student in mind, she gently encourages along their own path of self-discovery.

Contact: suebrantley@comcast.net  503 407 9677


The Self, The Village, The World
with Baxter Bell January 23-30, 2016

baxterWelcoming back nationally renowned yoga teacher Baxter Bell, M.D., for a fascinating week of diving into your inner world and out into the real world through yoga. We will play with how the yoga practice is valuable as a tool for healthy aging, how it fosters good citizens and how it connects us to the world we live in. Each day includes morning and afternoon yoga, time to explore Yelapa,enjoy the beach and hike to the waterfall. All levels of yoga experience are invited and welcomed to this fun Yelapa experience.

Contact:  baxterbell@mac.com for an info sheet

Kelly & Kim

Living from the Inside Out
with Kelly Baraby & Kim Schleicher January 30 – February 6, 2016
 kimBring your body, mind and spirit on retreat to Yelapa. Kelly and Kim combine 40+ years of yoga experience, learning and teaching the Art of letting go and releasing with gentle therapeutic yoga practices, revealing our innate nature of simply Being. It will be a week of play and movement, rest and quiet, learning how to move from the inside out. Gathering in the sacred refuge of the Sky Temple, we’ll experience the energy of kindness and compassion present in our connections with ourselves, our friends, the village, the world around us.  Daily morning and afternoon classes will help us discover our deep roots of stability and ease, and we’ll have lots of free time to enjoy the beauty and splendor of Yelapa.

Contact:  www.dancinglotuscenter.com    kim.schleicher@gmail.com


Henna Hand (1)Sacred Awakening/Shamanic Yoga For An Enlivened Life!
with Dolly Stavros February 6 – 13, 2016
Utilizing the teachings of the medicine wheel, we’ll embark on a journey to experience the gifts of the asanas as tools of potent transformation. The qualities of East, South, West, North, will be integrated as daily teachings in each practice.  Breathing, asana, chanting, guided meditations, energy work and intention will be experienced in order to invite a new paradigm of living, one that is alive, awake and full of joy! As we weave together the honoring of Spirit, Nature, and Self we become infinitely connected with our own vastness, and are able to see that everything is medicine and we honor it so!  
Daily classes involve movement-based practices as well as yin/restorative. Both styles are suitable for all of humanity!      Contact: Asmiyoga.com  dolly@asmiyoga.com   541-331-658


“The Heart Knows No Bounds”
with Karla Pirrucello  February 13-20 2016

Karla 15As the heart romances the spirit we will seek to find compassion in ourselves.  Coming into a simple rhythm with the beauty of nature and letting that unfold into our yoga practice. We will be embracing silence in meditation and relaxation and letting the subtle body move into a hatha based asana practice.

Contact:  karlayoga@me.com



Moving From The External To Internal: Observation, Reflection, Absorption
with Lori Gholson February 20-27, 2016

Lori 15

Yoga is a process which offers the opportunity to delve into the present moment and experience the totality of our existence. 

Daily asana and pranayama classes are presented skillfully, with loving attention to each pose.  All levels of experience are accommodated and celebrated!

Being in the Sky Temple is truly ecstatic and expansive! Please join Lori and friends for a week of transformation & delight.                               Contact: www.lorigholson.com

Karen & Jean

Awaken The Radiance Within
with Jean Sutton Grant & Karen Cappa February 27 – March 5 2016

jean-karen“A Magical Yoga Retreat in Yelapa, Mexico”

This retreat is designed to work with and support the understanding of the brilliance of our inner fire element. Light, energy, warmth, healthy metabolism and digestion, personal power and determination are all components we will explore together during the week. Morning practice will weave  gentle asana, pranayama, mudra and meditation throughout a 2 1/2 hour class. Our morning sessions will also give us time for deep inquiry, discussion and sharing to illuminate the radiance within all of us. Afternoon practice will be a mix of restorative, fun practices of different sorts including yoga nidra, laughter and other surprises intended to support the wholeness of who we truly are.    

Rev D

with Rev Deborah L. Johnson March 5 – 12, 2016

revDReady for a real retreat – to meditate, contemplate, sing, pray and play? This is a time of restoration and rejuvenation with lots of free time to roam through the jungle, hang out on the beach, hike to the waterfalls, take snorkeling day trips, or shop in nearby Puerto Vallarta.  Join Rev. Deborah L. Johnson and a small group of spiritual travelers for an intimate time of inner and outer reflection. This quaint old Mexico cobblestone beach with warm water and breath taking views nestled in a tropical jungle, is a perfect place to recharge!  Bring your walking shoes, no cars here!

Contact: Lea Simone Reed lea@innerlightministries.com



Aligning With Nature’s Rhythms with Marc Holzman
March 12 – 19, 2016

marcThe Ayurveda/Yoga tradition teaches us that when we live in synchronicity with nature, amazing things can happen. This retreat is about hitting the reset button. It’s about harmonizing body, mind, and spirit with nature. It’s about learning how to fall in love with your life through daily Hatha Yoga, Meditation, and Ayurveda classes.  And It’s about stepping into deeper health integrity so you can be the best version of yourself.

Contact:  retreat@marcholzman.com



“Ocean of Devotion Sound Wellness Retreat”
with Gina Salá March 19-26 2016

ginaYour voice is medicine and is one of a kind- just like every tree and bird in nature! Come rejuvenate, be nourished, heal, and enjoy in the lush beauty (and sandy beaches) of Yelapa. Delicious, nourishing, healing and illuminating sound practices (mantra, sound tantra, chanting, creative jams) plus hatha yoga, jungle hiking, swimming and more. No experience or perceived ability needed. With warmth, humor and devotion, Gina Sala has been teaching Sound and Wellness for 20 years.

Contact: www.ginasala.com info@ginasalacom

Shelley Reid

Home to Your Heart: Isha Meditation Retreat
with Shelley Reid March 26 – April 2, 2016

Shelley Reid

Want to cultivate more passion, peace and joy into your life?
Join us for a unique opportunity to have your own “Eat, Unify, Love” experience in the wonder-filled village of Yelapa. Learn and practice a meditation technique called the Isha System in a fully supportive environment. Dive deep into your heart and unleash your powerful creator!

Contact: www.pazyluzyoga.com

Wendy & Shandra

Yoga Your Soul – Melt Your Body
with Wendy Humphreys & Shandra Milstein April 2-9, 2016

Wendy Humphreys and Shandra MilsteinYoga your soul with Wendy Humphreys and MELT your body and mind with Shandra Milstein in the enchanting coastal village of Yelapa Mexico reached only by boat. Wendy’s fun loving and spirited yoga flows with opening, balance, flexibility and strength. MELT with Shandra guides care for your connective tissue system as you integrate mind with muscle and joints. In this week you’ll become stronger, move deeper into Yoga, rid the body of chronic inflammation and slow the process of aging down. Play, hang out on the beach, reflect, hike to waterfalls and enjoy the village. You could discover a fountain of youth!

Contact: Shandra at shandrafit@gmail.com     www.corvallisfit.com