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Welcoming These Inspiring Groups To Yelapa

Enjoy the Village Yoga ExperienceJudith 15.

Reached only by boat, find yourself walking the village paths. Enjoy the beach and river, refreshing in waterfalls, doing yoga in the lovely Sky Temple with tropical species of birds as background to your practice. Eat delicious food, get nurtured by our skilled massage team, Enjoy the beach and river, refreshing in waterfalls, doing yoga in the Sky Temple with tropical birds as background to your practice while you reset your internal nervous system to the rhythm of the river, sea, sights, sounds and sensations of village-jungle life.

It’s my pleasure to work with our local team to welcome you and show you the best Yelapa has to offer. Next season is filled with teachers and communities offering rich yoga and spiritual feedings.  Come join us in Yelapa!
Judith Roth, Keeper Of The Sky Temple

Sky Temple1 Yelapa offers the opportunity to be in a village with no cars, walk in the midst of peaceful native life, enjoy the river, beach, sea, mountain, waterfalls and over 350 various species of birds.  Sky Temple retreats are designed for people who like to walk and hike as part of their daily travel combined with yoga, nature and village life.  



Sat Kaur and Hamsa

Relax and Renew
with Sat Kaur and Hamsa
November 25-Dec 2, 2017

Sat Kaur and HamsaJoin long time teachers who are passionate in their respective fields of yoga!

Sat Kaur and Hamsa share Kundalini and Hatha Yoga, and 40 combined years of experience. Both are dedicated to sharing the teachings with humor, spontaneity and love, and invite you to join them for a week of daily Kundalini kriyas, meditation, chant, restorative and classical hatha.

Relax and rejoice! Join us to sing and move into the Divine within and throughout in magical Yelapa.

Contact: www.satkauryoga.com or www.innerwaveyoga.com

Lori Gholson

Rooted in Space: Setting a Foundation to Explore the Infinite!
with Lori Gholson
December 2-9, 2017

Lori GholsonEmerging from our earthbound roots, we will expand into the unbounded energy of the Sky Temple and beyond.

Daily asana and pranayama classes are presented skillfully with loving attention to each pose. All levels of experience accommodated and celebrated. Yoga in the Sky Temple is truly inspiring and expansive!
Please join Lori and friends for a week of delightful transformation.

Contact: www.lorigholson.com or yogamom@peak.org

Andrea Fournet

“Nourishing Our Souls” A Retreat for Women
with Andrea Fournet
December 9-16, 2017

Andrea FournetIf you are longing for a way to connect with your subtle sweet soul and internal self please consider joining me in Yelapa, Mexico to explore the profound potential of awareness and love. This 7-day yoga/meditation will be held in the peaceful village of Yelapa and at the SkyTemple an exquisitely inspired space with a unique merging of eastern and western aesthetics.

This meditation immersion will focus on integrating classical yogic teachings and meditations with the raw beauty and power of Yelapa. We will engage in the practices of yoga postures, meditation, contemplation, journaling and community sharing both in the formal retreat setting and out while relaxing on the beach.

Excursions might include swimming, kayaking, hiking and time to rest and integrate. Nutritious and specifically made for us meals will nourish our time together in retreat.

Contact: yogalady@aryoga.com

Annie Stocker and Wendy Grosbeck

Pause – Practice – Pranam Yoga
with Annie Stocker & Wendy Groesbeck
January 6-13, 2018

Annie Stocker and Wendy GrosbeckPress the pause button on the distractions and commitments of your familiar life and immerse yourself into the sweet daily rhythms of a tranquil Mexican village – taking time to connect to the earth, to the sea, to nature’s rhythms, and to yourself. This is a unique opportunity to experience a week of yoga, co-created by two seasoned instructors.

Together Annie and Wendy offer a yoga practice which embodies alignment, reflection on self, and celebration of the heart. Play in the Sky Temple, in the jungle, on the beach, in tropical waterfalls. Pranam deeply bow to the magnificence of being on this earth, in this body, in this community.

Contact: Annie at annie@twodogyoga.com or Wendy at wcgroesbeck@frontier.com

Diane Butera & Julia Siporin

Align with Nature and the Peace Within
with Diane Butera and Julia Siporin
January 13-20, 2018

Diane Butera & Julia SiporinEnjoy yoga in a peaceful tropical setting off the beaten path. Practice in a relaxed setting to nurture a deeper sense of well-being. The intelligence of Alignment Yoga asana and pranayama, along with 30 minutes of daily meditation will help you tap into the abundance that is the very source of life…an amazing way to start your new year and shake off the winter blues!

All levels welcome.

Contact: www.eugeneyoga.us

Baxter Bell

A Deeper Village Experience:
Yoga in Yelapa
with Baxter Bell
January 20-27, 2018

Baxter Bell

Baxter loves the Sky Temple and Yelapa so much he is coming back for a 5th straight season! This year we will spend more time meeting and eating with local families, in addition to 2 wonderful yoga sessions a day. Only a few spots left.

To see all the details, visit www.baxterbell.com and to register contact Baxter directly at baxterbell@mac.com.

Contact:  baxterbell@mac.com

Greg Anton

Developing Maturity of Intelligence in Asana:
An Intermediate Iyengar Yoga Retreat
with Greg Anton
January 27-February 3, 2018

Greg AntonNavigating the extremes in life and in asana requires abhyasa (practice) and vairagya (renunciation) so effort becomes exalted and eventually effortless. During this retreat, you will embark upon an adventure in asana and learn how to steer your vehicle toward the shores of eternal vigilance and freedom. What better place than Yelapa for such an experience?!

Contact: www.ptownyoga.com or gregantonyoga@hotmail.com

Kelly & Kim

Living From The Inside Out
with Kelly Baraby & Kim Schleicher
February 3-10, 2018

Kelly Baraby & Kim SchleicherJoin Kelly and Kim for a week of retreat to Yelapa. It will be a week of play and movement, rest and quiet, learning how to move from the inside out. Daily classes will help us discover our deep roots of stability and ease with lots of free time to enjoy the beauty and splendor of Yelapa.

Contact:  www.kimschleicher.com or  kim.schleicher@gmail.com

Chris Gordon

Unplug and Recharge: Yelapa Yoga Retreat
with Chris Gordon
February 10-17, 2018

Chris GordonTake a break to reflect and relax, restore joy and uplift your spirit. Chris brings over 20 years teaching experience to support you on this journey. He weaves yoga philosophy into the practice with down to earth practicality. Join us for two daily yoga sessions; align and flow morning class includes asana, pranayama and meditation and is intended to open and energize while the afternoon restorative sessions include massage and guided relaxation for profound renewal. Modifications are provided to support students of all levels.

Contact: chris@bigriveryoga.com or bigriveryoga.com/pages/yelapa-mexico-yoga-retreat

Lori Gholson 2

Integrating Community and Spirit through Yoga!
with Lori Gholson
February 24-March 3, 2018

Lori GholsonJoining together to share the richness that each of us brings to the whole.

Daily asana and pranayama classes are presented skillfully with loving attention to each pose. All levels of experience accommodated and celebrated. Yoga in the Sky Temple is truly inspiring and expansive!
Please join Lori and friends for a week of delightful transformation.

Contact: www.lorigholson.com or yogamom@peak.org

Jean & Karen

Awaken The Radiance Within
with Jean Sutton & Karen Cappa
March 3-10, 2018

Jean Sutton & Karen Cappa“A Magical Yoga Retreat in Yelapa, Mexico”

This retreat is designed to work with and support the understanding of the brilliance of our inner fire element. Light, energy, warmth, healthy metabolism and digestion, personal power and determination are all components we will explore together during the week. Morning practice will weave  gentle asana, pranayama, mudra and meditation throughout a 2 1/2 hour class. Our morning sessions will also give us time for deep inquiry, discussion and sharing to illuminate the radiance within all of us. Afternoon practice will be a mix of restorative, fun practices of different sorts including yoga nidra, laughter and other surprises intended to support the wholeness of who we truly are.    

Contact: Jean at jmgsyogi@gmail.com or Karen at kjcappico@earthlink.net

Sarahjoy Marsh

Yoga In Yelapa
with Sarahjoy Marsh
March 10-17, 2018

Sarahjoy MarshJoin Sarahjoy Marsh, MA, E-RYT and yoga therapist, for a week of yoga and self-exploration at a beautiful sanctuary. This retreat will include teachings on yoga, Ayurveda, mindfulness, neuroscience, and dharma.

Contact: http://sarahjoyyoga.com/about/contact/
or Phone: 503-552-9642

Tricia Duffy

Find It And Turn It Around
with Tricia Duffy
March 17-24, 2018

Tricia DuffyWe’ll meet on the mat morning and afternoon bringing our bodies to the gentle door way of resistance, allowing, managing with observation and breath, undoing defiance, force and fear.

Beneath tracks of resistance, competition and comparison, lies all that exists beyond thinking: Bliss and Gratitude. We’ll lose our mind to come to our senses in loving kindness. Every-bodies Yoga!! We’ll turn our thoughts around. We’ll turn our bodies around. We’ll absorb the sounds and smells of the jungle and love what it is.
Simple as that—Join us!

Contact: triciaduffy246@gmail.com