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The Sky Temple provides a sacred place to practice yoga. This rich bio-diverse environment connected to the river and sea combined with the experience of village life offers a unique setting filled with nature and community. Visitors to Yelapa enjoy the beaches, hikes to waterfalls and the abundant plant and bird life filling this area.

Yelapa calls to people who love walking and climbing as part of their daily experience. The life style here is not based on cars. Because you can only get to Yelapa by boat, the pace and energy of this village offers a friendly and welcoming opportunity to be part of the community while visiting.

The Sky Temple is now scheduling for 2015. Contact Judith via email if you would like information.



Evolving Consciousness with Carla Wainright
November 16-23, 2013
 Carla Wainright
Join Carla in Sky Temple in beautiful Yelapa for
week long yoga retreat that will explore our
connectedness to the Self and the world around
us. Carla’s practice and teaching explores opening and connecting to the mayakoshas (sheaths) or layers of being as a means to emerge with the Essential Self.  Each sheath is an interal part of who we are: the physical, energetic/emotional, mental, intuitive and bliss body. As we search for equilibrium both within and between these layers, we begin to truly understand ourselves and the outside world around us.  
During this magical week together, we will use asana practice, meditation, deep relaxation, discussion and reflection to examine how the layers of yoga practice deepen self understanding and evolve both the individual and collective consciousness.  
Contact Carla: carla.wainwright@gmail.com  250-277-2105


Yoga for the Body, Nature for the Soul  
with Sue Brentley    January 18-25, 2014
Join Sue for a week of yoga in a truly spectacular setting.Sue Brentley
You will practice yoga, pilates, myofascial release, qi gong,
pranayama and meditation at the Sky Temple, nestled 
among the trees with a breathtaking view of the ocean. 
Sessions will be held daily, and sometimes twice daily.  
There are no cars in the village, so you will be living at a 
walking pace  That allows you to interact with the friendly 
locals and absorb some of their culture. In addition to the 
yoga (and related practices), there will be ample nature time. 
The beach is right there, lulling you to just “be.” We’ll also take 
a guided hike through the jungle to a beautiful waterfall with a 
swimming hole, go up the river to a dinner out complete with 
a live band for dancing, and find time to enjoy the ample bird life. All levels of yoga experience are invited and welcomed. 
Contact Sue: suebrantley@comcast.net  503-407-9677
The Self, The Village, The World with Baxter Bell
January 25 – February 1, 2014
Baxter Bell
Welcoming back nationally renowned yoga teacher Baxter Bell, M.D., for a fascinating week of diving into your inner world and out into the real world thorugh yoga. We will play with how the yoga practice is valuable as a tool for healthy aging, how it fosters good citizens and how it connects us to the world we live in. Each day includes morning and afternoon yoga, time to explore Yelapa, 
enjoy the beach and hike to the waterfall. All levels of 
yoga experience are invited and welcomed to this fun 
This week FULLRoom on the wating list
Yelapa Yoga & YOU!  with Sabre Page
February 1-8, 2014 
Sabre Page
Enjoy the lovely Sky Temple, for yoga sessions twice a 
day, with Sabré Page. The space is open and the views are amazing.
When you are not practicing yoga, you’ll be eating delicious, simple meals, adapted to your dietary needs, exploring the beaches and river, taking a hike to a lovely waterfall, swimming in the watering hole there, dancing to live music, indulging in a massage, interacting with local villagers and yoga friends, or simply BEing, in asupportive and warm environment. Our yoga sessions will be an exploration of breath, body, movement, visualization 
and meditation, through the context of the Chakra system.

Contact Sabre: 970-581-3889 or sabredpage@gmail.com

Body & Soul Immersion In Paradise 
with Kathleen Kelly-Hoffman Feb 8-15 2014
Kathleen Kelly HoffmanI invite you to join me for a wonderful journey to Yelapa for a week of yoga asana, pranayama, meditation and an immersion into an entirely different way of life. The Sky Temple, an amazing open-air studio, sits on a hillside above the bay. Here we will practice yoga twice each day and nourish ourselves deeply. Kathleen will lead you through an intelligent practice of flowing yoga asana guided by breath, alighnment, dristi and bhandas. This practice is designed to guide you inward to settle the body and soul. Our morning practice will open our hearts and bodies to welcome the day. Our evening practice will ground and restore us before our gatherings for meals and friendship. An opportunity to slow down and embrace the beauty and simplicity of this pristine village awaits you!  Plenty of free time for exploration and enjoyment of the local village, beaches and amazing wildlife.  Paradise awaits you!
Contact: Kathleen kkellyhoff@new.rr.com or www.bayyoga.com
RADIATING THE DIVINE WITHIN a Kundalini & Hatha Yoga Retreat with Susan Vigh (Hari Manit) & Daya Kaur
February 15-22, 2014
Join Hari Manit and Daya Kaur at the Sky Temple 
for a transformative week of yoga, rejuvenation 
and adventure.  Be uplifted by the combination of 
ancient and powerful technology of Kundalini Yoga
and meditation, the physical and restorative 
benefits of hatha yoga and the practice of yoga
nidra.  This combination is a potent way to 
consciously cultivate inner strength, compassion 
and self-awareness.  Our retreat is designed to help you tap into your inner radiance, reach your full creative potential, and head home with tools which will assist you in living a healthy, happy and more spirited life.  
Embracing the Power of Practice with Lori Gholson
February 22 – March 1, 2014
Lori Gholson
Daily asana and pranayama classes ignite 
our innermost connection to the spirit of Hatha 
Yoga. You will be inspired by the amazing beauty 
of the Sky Temple and the richness of daily life in Yelapa! In addition to yoga, this very special week includes comfortable lodging, fabulous meals, bountiful beach time and an opportunity to slow down and relish a simple lifestyle conducive to inner peace and happiness.
Contact Lori: www.lorigholson.com
Dakini Yoga Retreat in Yelapa With Zena Ursuliak  
March 1-8, 2014
Zena UrsuliakDakini Yoga Retreat in Yelapa, Mexico! 
Join Yoga Master Zena Ursuliak as she welcomes 
you to a fun week of re-awakening into your true Self
with Hatha Yoga, Tantric Dance, and Pranayama. You 
will also enjoy Sun and Moon Salutations, the Five
Tibetan Yogas, meditation on the chakras, and more! 
Upon request you may receive a mantra, a spiritual
name and Oneness Blessing. There will be plenty of 
opportunity to relax and rest, or explore the beautiful
natural surroundings. A Dakini is a Sky Walker or 
Dancer in Tibetan Buddhism, and when a person is 
ready for a leap of consciousness, a Dakini whispers 
in her ear!
Contact Zena:  dakiniyoga@gmail.com
Sound Healing – Chanting In Yelapa with Gina Salá March 8-15, 2013
Gina SalaExperience the pleasure and power of vocal 
freedom. You can sing! Your unique voice is 
a direct path to open to grace and ease in 
your body, mind, and heart!  Learn and practice
mantra, deepen the bliss of bhakti yoga (yoga of the heart) through Kirtan (chant) and Nada (sound) yoga. Discover your power to learn, create, share and lead chants and songs in several cultural styles.  
All are welcome. No experience necessary.  
Contact Gina: gina.sala@gmail.com
Yoga Retreat with Andrea Gerasimo 
March 15, 2014
Andrea Gerasimo
Retreat to advance: Here’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in natural beauty, ease and time simply for you! Leave your daily life behind to replenish your internal resources and get clarity about what direction you truly desire to advance. Put aside concerns and demands, the noise and the clutter. Take a journey to find internal stillness, gain perspective and find your center. This turning inward allows deep and abiding transformation. Then you get to return to your life with new energy, clarity and insight! It’s the best gift we can give ourselves and those around us.
 Whether you’re new to yoga or have an established practice, this daily experience of yoga offers significant evolution for the body and the spirit. For 2+ hours a day we use tools of movement, breath and meditation to cultivate strength and centering. Then we take it off the mat into life! Yoga changes the way you do everything else.
 “Andrea manages to engage all parts of the student – mind, heart and every last available muscle – in a rigorous class that never for a minute feels like work… What a great way to practice yoga!” ~student quote  Contact Andrea:andrea@thirdmountain.com, 715-231-9000, www.thirdmountain.com
Our Yoga Vacation In Yelapa with Wendy Lippmann
March 30 – April 6, 2014
Wendy Lippmann
Celebration and Prayer
Join Wendy Lippmann for an adventurous, sensual, deeply nourishing week featuring 
strong and gentle daily yoga classes in an 
awe inspiring setting. Wendy (Anusara-
Inspired, Yoga Alliance RYT-500)  has 
visited and loved Yelapa for many years
—it was love at first sight—and is excited 
to share it with you. 
Imagine morning and evening strolls through the friendly village, fantastic fresh meals from local kitchens, swimming and hanging out on the beach,hiking and yoga al fresca. Retreat best for folks who enjoy walking. 
LOVING WHAT IS – Yoga – Balance – Community
With Tricia Duffy   March 22-29, 2014
Tricia Duffy
Dissolving attachment to identity & outcome holds a mysterious freedom. The same freedom students say 
they feel leaving the mainland of Puerto Vallarta being delivered to the precious & remote village of Yelapa 
where mules are the UPS trucks & our own 2 feet our 
taxi’s to & from the Temple. Tricia is presently working 
with Byron Katie, and THE WORK.  ”Loving What Is”
holds profound freedom.  
Tricia has distilled her anatomy training, yoga & 
massage into a BodyBall Fusion Class with 
drumsticks and music. 
Bring along a 65 cm Body Ball & experiment with
balance, movement, & exploration while palm 
leaves fan rainforest breezes along your spine.  
Enjoy morning yoga, time for you, optional trips and classes.You might just 
meditate in your hammock for 7 days. Come love what is with us!
Contact Tricia: triciaduffy@comcast.net
with Leraine Horstmanshoff & Tiffany Wood
April 5-12, 2014
The Mythology of Gods and Goddesses take you on a journey of discovering the strength and ease of being You!
Join Leraine and Tiffany for a week of yoga, music and healing. When we sing, dance, play and pray together we become one voice, one body, one universe, calling to the innate qualities that already lie within us, awakening us to our true nature. 
Escape the cold of winter to soak up the sun and surf, take hikes up river, swim in the waterfall, sing kirtan by the fire on the beach, deepen your practice of yoga and return to your essential rhythm.
Contact Tiffany: yoginitiff@gmail.com
Contact Leraine: lerainemusic@gmail.com 
Evolving Consciousness with Lacie Cosgrove
November 22-29, 2014
Lacie Cosgrove
Enjoy a struggle free practice in a heart-centered environment, welcome depth and richness into your life.  We will focus on breath, strength, integrity, and spirit with the essence of love and light. We will build the foundation of yoga starting from the inside, nourishing and revitalizing the body systems.  Sessions will be dynamic, intense and progressive, welcoming all levels and offering a variety of modifications.  The sacred energy centers that form the link of heaven and earth will be our main theme; harmoniously awakening us to individual and universal consciousness.   Allow yourself to tune into the ancient rhythm, the silent space, and the internal elements strengthening the bridge from the conscious to subconscious with Yoga, Mantra, & Meditation. Through The Healing Seed Charity experience hands on service work with the locals in Yelapa. Our menu is carefully created to coincide with the charkas including elixirs and raw chocolate. Indulge your taste buds in the evening with local, private catering.  A week just for you!