Annie Stocker and Wendy Grosbeck

Pause – Practice – Pranam Yoga
with Annie Stocker & Wendy Groesbeck
February 8-15, 2020

Annie Stocker and Wendy GrosbeckPress the pause button on the distractions and commitments of your familiar life and immerse yourself into the sweet daily rhythms of a tranquil Mexican village – taking time to connect to the earth, to the sea, to nature’s rhythms, and to yourself. This is a unique opportunity to experience a week of yoga, co-created by two seasoned instructors.

Together Annie and Wendy offer a yoga practice which embodies alignment, reflection on self, and celebration of the heart. Play in the Sky Temple, in the jungle, on the beach, in tropical waterfalls. Pranam deeply bow to the magnificence of being on this earth, in this body, in this community.

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