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Sunrise PhotoThe Village Yoga Experience Retreat is designed to give groups the opportunity to experience the very unique life of a village in this beautiful tropical coastal location south of Puerto Vallarta. For many, it is like entering a completely different world. I offer teachers an all-inclusive package for their participants including full use of the Sky Temple, hotel in PV on arrival day, round trip boat ride to Yelapa, lodging in Yelapa, healthy meals, special dinner at my Mexican family’s home in the center of the village, luggage carry and cleaning tips, hike to waterfall, an organized and hosted trip using my services. Many teachers have reported the ease they feel because of the care that goes into the planning of the visit for each group and the team that supports and offers such a positive experience of village life in Yelapa. Our whole team is excited to welcome yogini’s and share the life we live and enjoy here.


  What Teachers Say About The Sky Temple:Bowl PLANT 3   

“The most valuable part of traveling to Sky Temple is staying IN the village, eating WITH the locals who prepare STUNNING cuisine, the meditative walk up to the studio, the cheshire cat smile of Judith as she sweeps the studio clean for our sessions, & greets us with Love as Big as Jupiter. There is no other retreat like it. A conference center just can’t hold a candle to living, walking, and being a part of the village of Yelapa, the love of Sky Temple and in the absence of cars! Macaws, mountains, and mats. Oh and of course outdoor yoga overlooking heaven on earth !!! No air conditioning.. mountain air, ocean sun breezes.. Paradise all the way. Pure magic!

Tricia Duffy – Everybodies Yoga, Cape Cod, Ma. 


 Sapo & Bloom“I have been leading retreats in Mexico for over 10 years, and my  3 trips to the Sky Temple have been the easiest and most enjoyable by far. Judith goes all out to make it work for her visiting teachers”!  Baxter  Bell, Oakland CA


“Judith provides a sacred space to practice yoga and creates ease for group leaders planning a retreat.  The Village Yoga Experience package information is clear and prepares participants for what to expect. I especially enjoy the help I receive with details to manifest my retreat vision. The accommodations are clean and comfortable with good food. The Sky Temple is well rooted and supports spiritual growth.     A true gem in the jungle”!

Lacie Cosgrove,  Alberta Canada


Sunset Photo” I am so honored to be in the Sky Temple family! Bringing groups down to Yelapa is a dream come true for me! Judith has organzied and refined the multitude of details so that each teacher and group are well cared for and completely at ease . Everyone feels truly at home here!  I could not imagine a better place to teach yoga….surrounded by beauty and love in all directions!”                                                        Lori Gholson, Corvalis Oregon



crown of cristo“Judith and her team provide the most wonderful experience not only for the retreat participants, but for the retreat teacher. Every detail is attended to and everyone is able to enjoy the magical offerings of both Sky Temple and Yelapa. Judith’s vision of community, nature, yoga and healing touches everyone and provides an experience of a lifetime. I feel blessed to be a part of her yoga kula”.       Carla Wainwright, Prince George, Canada

Pelican1Judith is a warm welcome, a constant grounded presence, and a joy to be with in yelapa. She tends so thoroughly and thoughtfully to each group, each group leader, and every student. Every retreat I have taught in yelapa has been a true immersion into yoga and world culture thanks in large part to how Judith organizes the retreats. These retreats have also been nourishing, renewing and inspiring for me, which is a wonderful outcome! 
Sarahjoy Marsh   Daya Foundation   Portland, Oregon


6_w140As the leader of your retreat,  you will stay in a very special lodging above the Sky Temple practice area with views of the jungle and ocean.  My goal is to help teachers enjoy Yelapa while I handle all the other details for your group including reservations in both PV and Yelapa, orientation to Yelapa, introduction to the village, meals in Yelapa, transportation to and from Yelapa, baggage carry, problem solving, guided hike to the waterfall and a schedule of fun events including massages and dancing to live music in between your yoga classes. 


judith3As a yoga teacher myself,  it is my pleasure to help you manifest the vision you have for your retreat by smoothly handling all the details behind the scenes.  Many teachers have told me they’ve gotten burned out on international travel because of all the details they have to handle planning and leading their group as well as teaching. This package offers teachers complete support to focus on teaching and let other details be handled by my well-trained Yelapa Sky Temple team.

Here is some general information about the Yoga Village Experience Retreat


Group Size: Groups must be a minimum of 12 members plus the leader and a maximum of 30 members. 

Your group arrives in Puerto Vallarta on Saturday.  Sunday morning a private boat takes your group to Yelapa.  Puerto Vallarta provides a great way to adjust to being in Mexico, have dinner in the town and breakfast the next morning before the boat trip to Yelapa.  It’s always more fun to take the boat trip when people are feeling refreshed and in the calmest waters of the morning. Your hotel stay in Puerto Vallarta is included in your package for double occupancy. 

Water FallIncluded In Your Package:

  • Full use of the stunning mountain fully equipped Sky Temple studio.
  • Night lodging in Puerto Vallarta double occupancy
  • 6 Nights lodging in Yelapa double occupancy
  • Privately escorted round trip boat transportation
  • All luggage transfer from PV to boat and boat to lodging in Yelapa
  • Simple daily breakfasts in Yelapa
  • Lunches & Dinners in Yelapa (except for 2 meals)
  • One local Mexican fish grill in the village center at my Mexican family’s restaurant.
  • All tips for baggage and meals
  • A guided hike up river out of the village into the tropical jungle to a local waterfall
  • Group welcome and information letter
  • All my services for organizing, hosting and guiding your group with my lovely team in Yelapa



What Is Not Included In Your Package:

  • Airfare
  • Transportation in Puerto Vallarta
  • Meals in Puerto Vallarta: Participants pay for arrival dinner in PV breakfast the next a.m in PV.
  • Boat-ride to/from Yelapa in our designated boat is included but participants using other boats will have to pay for their own travel.  It’s best to have everyone travel together on the boat.
  • A massage team is available for the week and your participants can make appointments upon arrival.
  • 1 Lunch and 1 Dinner in Yelapa, are not included in the package..The Thursday night dinner and dancing with a live band is not included for dinner.  
  • The Friday afternoon lunch is not included so people have more time to spend on the beach or explore Yelapa. 
  • People who want to arrive earlier in PV or stay longer in PV or Yelapa are responsible for arranging their own reservations


Yelapaegret landing 

Yelapa is a small coastal village reached only by boat 45-minutes from Puerto Vallarta. Yelapa is not an island.  It is located on a part of the coast where roads have not been developed.  There are no cars in Yelapa; mules and horses are still used daily for transportation.  Yelapa offers spectacular nature experiences of beach, river, lagoon, plants, birds, village, and waterfalls.

The vision for this group package is created out of my desire to offer a group a yoga retreat in combination with an authentic Mexican village experience while enjoying a rustic natural tropical setting.  Yelapa is my home and I welcome sharing the village and Sky Temple with groups.  My goal is to organize all the details freeing the leaders to focus completely on their programs and participants. My website is a good source of photos to help people get a sense of Yelapa.

judith4This group vacation package in Yelapa is best suited for those who enjoy walking.      

The yoga studio is a seven to fifteen minute hike up a mountain in a sacred space with breath-taking views surrounded by the jungle and looking out on the ocean and beach.                



Walking and climbing are an integral part of daily life in Yelapa. 


Casas de los Suenos in the jungle below the yoga studio and Casas Garcia Yelapa on the beach offer lodgings for the participants to experience tropical beauty connected to nature with the comforts of hot water for showers and great places to hang out during a week stay in Yelapa. Even though most the meals provided, your lodgings each have their own kitchen and bathroom which makes for a homey feeling during your stay.


  Choosing Yelpa:

Brad Jungle ShotChoosing Yelapa for a Yoga Retreat offers your participants a unique opportunity to enjoy a week of walking and hiking as part of their retreat experience.  Participants also get to experience being right in the village and surrounded by the natural tropical setting that is so special in Yelapa. Walk to the village, along the river, visit 2 different waterfalls, enjoy the beach, hike to the Sky Temple once or twice a day and spend one night dancing under the stars to live music! Enjoy a unique and magnificent nature filled authentic Mexican retreat in a village setting .


For more Information Contact Judith:

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