Welcoming These Inspiring Groups To Yelapa

Enjoy the Village Yoga ExperienceJudith 15.

Reached only by boat, find yourself walking the village paths. Enjoy the beach and river, refreshing in waterfalls, doing yoga in the lovely Sky Temple with tropical species of birds as background to your practice. Eat delicious food, get nurtured by our skilled massage team, Enjoy the beach and river, refreshing in waterfalls, doing yoga in the Sky Temple with tropical birds as background to your practice while you reset your internal nervous system to the rhythm of the river, sea, sights, sounds and sensations of village-jungle life.

It’s my pleasure to work with our local team to welcome you and show you the best Yelapa has to offer. Next season is filled with teachers and communities offering rich yoga and spiritual feedings.  Come join us in Yelapa!
Judith Roth, Keeper Of The Sky Temple

Sky Temple1 Yelapa offers the opportunity to be in a village with no cars, walk in the midst of peaceful native life, enjoy the river, beach, sea, mountain, waterfalls and over 350 various species of birds.  Sky Temple retreats are designed for people who like to walk and hike as part of their daily travel combined with yoga, nature and village life.  



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