Newsletter – January 2012


Yoga in Yelapa                    January 2012

 Holding Intention

Over the last years, I came through a strong series of big losses. Some beloved friends gave me a book called “Calm In The Storm” by Eknath Easwaran. A book could not have come to me at a more perfect time. Easwaran, in the most endearing and heart felt ways, offered me new tools to use in my yoga and meditation practice to deepen my sense of inner harmony.


At one point in the book, Easwaran tells the story of crossing a very rough sea as he traveled in his younger years from India to the United States. He was struck by the diversity of people on the boat from engineers, scientists, doctors, laborers and students as himself. He said when the boat hit rough waters, the entire diversity of the group disappeared as people from all back grounds became sick and started heaving over board. He saw an instant leveling of humanity. The experience stuck with him.


Later in his life, after many years of study, he traveled this same sea in another boat. The boat hit the same rough waters but stayed perfectly even. He asked the captain how this could be possible remembering the strong experience he had on his previous crossing. The captain explained this boat was built with the greatest of stabilizers and would stay even in any rough waters or storms. From this life story, Easwaran goes on to describe and teach skills for stabilizing the mind. He says with practice, we all have the ability to build an internal stability to take us through all our life experiences.


As I was reading more, I came upon a word I had never heard or used before:   ‘Un-Upsettable’.


I stopped and kept staring at the word and saying it. The concept began to run through my mind and I decided to embrace it as a personal intention to focus on daily.


As I first began working with the ‘un-upsettable’ intention, I had some immediate successes. Then one day, as one of my groups was leaving Yelapa, I found out their luggage was put on the wrong boat and the boat had left the pier with all their bags and no owners. I totally lost it screaming on the pier at the person who was helping me and began frantically moving to rectify the situation. I was quite a sight to behold in this state of mind. It all magically worked out but I had much to think about reflecting on my huge upset reaction. So I began the process of consciously working with my new quality ‘un-upsettable’.  


With humor and compassion I began to witness myself in action and thoughts. My awareness increased dramatically. I realized my work was not to reach for super human goals like never ever getting upset. But instead to explore what kinds of things upset me.   Holding the intention is powerful work not based on success or failure. The simple holding and witnessing of this intention is transformative. The increased ability to observe how “upset” dances in my life then gave me the opportunity to take into practice the tools of mantra practice Easwaran shared in his book. I find myself dancing with upset and centering in a new spiritual dynamic.


At the same time I was exploring this new intention, my friends Andrea and Gary came for a visit and caught me up on the year I had not seen them. Gary was in the throws of just having his entire house burn down in a fire. He lost everything including the tools for his business. I was struck by the reality of that loss as he went on to describe not even having a pair of clothes after the fire. I witnessed both Andrea and Gary walking through this experience and could see the shock waves of this instant change and loss in their lives. I also felt the tremendous reaching towards center, stability and creativity bubbling beneath the waves of destruction.


On Andrea’s next visit, a year later, she shared a series of amazing openings that resulted from the fire. The whole loss had brought their relationship closer with deeper commitment. Their lives were flooded in all kinds of ways by community support and love. A whole new series of miracles and paths opened as they walked through their loss.


As far as facing “hits” in life, I am brought back to my life as a martial artist. The philosophy of Aikido is one that says there is “no attack or no hit in life”. The master, Morhei Ueshiba, went even further to say “there is no enemy”. From his life long study of martial arts, he then went on to teach an art based on non-conflict and peace. As I trained in Aikido, we practiced skills to view strikes as opportunities to unite with a gift of energy from the Universe. That all sounds great in theory but having the ability to face a “strike” on the mat was non-existent when I began training. It was a stretch to integrate this idea intellectually and it felt impossible to respond physically at first.


An inner knowing told me I needed to pursue this path of practice. I found myself needing to go inward to a cellular level of work to shift my perspective from the view of attack to the experience of opportunity to expand and unite. Breathing and centering with movement was the most important skill I needed to practice. After years of training, I found my entire nervous system transformed. I faced my partners welcoming strikes with the joy of practice as I moved from discomfort to ease on the mat and in many more parts of my life.


To breath, to center, to welcome life’s hits as opportunities for expansion and unity are huge concepts to work with. Developing stability and holding the vision of          “un-upsettable” keep me practicing. My mat is a sacred place of practice. Compassion and non-judgment toward myself are keys to continuing on this path.


Our heart-felt intentions ripple forth touching the lives of others.

Let this New Year be filled with our highest intentions.    




“You are what your deep, driving desire is.

As your desire is, so is your will.

As you will is, so is your deed.

As your deed is, so is your destiny”.

Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 4-5

Translated by Eknath Easwaran

Announcing Sky Temple Yoga Classes    

With Deb Cahill and Judith RothDrop in classes end January 27th

Mondays:         Level I         10:00 – 11:15      with Deb

Beginning Yoga

Wednesdays:     Level II        10:00 – 11:15    with Deb

More Flow

Fridays:            Go Deeper   10:00 – 12:00    with Judith

Nourishing & Fun

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Come To Yelapa – Lodging Available at Sky Temple

Feb 25 to March 17 2012

Come stay in one of the loveliest jungle lodgings ever . . .

“I came to the Sky Temple utterly exhausted, depleted of enthusiasm and overwhelmed by the seeming complexity of life.  The extraordinary beauty of the Sky Temple combined with Judith’s warm, support and kindness buoyed me back into myself, nourishing parts of my being that I’d allowed to go unfed for far too long.  After a week, I left deliciously relaxed and untangled from the unnecessary worries with which I’d been consuming myself.  For anyone looking for  a perfect combination of spiritual renewal, relaxation and tropical vacation fun, I can’t think of a better place than Yelapa and the Sky Temple!”  Janet Crawford

Work/Lodging Exchange May/June – Oct/Nov In Yelapa 2012

May and June are months of long days of light. The waters are warm and the tourists have left. It’s a wonderful time to enjoy Yelapa. October and November move from the rainy to dry season. The green and lushness are at their peak at this time.


Come stay with me in the beautiful lodgings at the Sky Temple. Enjoy your own beautiful lodgings looking out over jungle and sea including wifi access, kitchen, bathroom and laundry services. Help me with tasks 4 hours of the day and have the rest of the time to yourself. Play in the ocean, enjoy time to yourself up at the Sky Temple, cook some good meals and treat yourself to slow, quiet village days on the mountain in the jungle. I welcome your stay!

Contact Judith:


Reserve a Group For 2013

The 2012 season is blossoming with wonderful teachers, delightful visitors all drinking in this simple, non-commercial, nature filled seacoast village experience in Mexico. People who are drawn to walking, nature, the ocean, beach, sun, river, waterfall, tropical landscape and birds combined with experiencing village life enjoy Yelapa.


It is a deep pleasure for me to assist teachers in bringing groups to Yelapa and the Sky Temple. I enjoy arranging all the details for the groups combined with hosting the groups and sharing village life with them while they experience their week of Yoga.


Yoga In Yelapa – Sky Temple

Now Taking Reservations for 2013

Contact Judith:

Yoga & Ayurveda

with Sarajoy Marsh

January 28 to February 4, 2012

 Winter is the season of inwardness, reflection, and renewal.  Ayurveda suggests this season is a time for our most auspicious spiritual unfolding. Join us in the study of Yoga and Ayurveda specifically directed at deepening your experience (and ease) in meditation, your connection to the natural world as inspiration for life’s questions and creativities, and your innate experience of awe.  We’ll practice the tools of yoga that cultivate the state of dhyana (meditation), naturally, including seated forward bends and twists, inversions, bandhas, pranayama, chanting, and mindfulness.  We’ll draw on a wide array of yoga asana to prepare ourselves for these practices; and we’ll explore the teachings in the Bhagavad Gita for insight into how life unfolds through despondency to clarity, devotion, and surrender.  


For More Info:

Yoga Retreat

with Lori Gholson

February 4 to 11, 2012


Come and experience a week long retreat which allows both the time and the space to develop a more intimate connection to your practice within the vastness of the open sea and sky. Blending the beauty and preciseness of asana with the depth and focus of pranayama, daily classes will provide the opportunity to settle both the mind and the body as one. Lori Gholson has been teaching with great respect and enthusiasm for yoga for over 14 years.  Her primary teachers are Patricia Walden and Donald Moyer.


For More Info:

9th Annual

Yoga & Birding Vacation

with Judith Roth & Bruce Ferry

Feb 18 to 25, 2012


Many report back saying this is  

“A Trip Of A Life Time”


Our Yoga & Birding week in Yelapa is an unparalleled opportunity to commune with nature, delight in the abundant species adorning this area, enjoy yoga in a village seaside setting, walk along the river, swim in the sea and waterfall, eat delicious food and be with like minded fun people.  Yoga and Birding 2012 Full.  Reserve your place for 2013.

For More Info Contact Judith: Yoga In Yelapa


Sound Immersion – Chanting

With Gina Salá

March 17 to 24, 2012

Experience the pleasure and power of vocal freedom.  You can sing!  Your unique voice is a direct path to open to grace and ease in your body, mind and heart!  Learn and practice mantra, deepen the bliss of bhakti yoga (yoga of the heart) through Kirtan (chant) and Nada (sound) yoga. 


Discover your power to learn, create, share and lead chants and songs in several cultural styles. All are welcome, no experience needed. 

For More Info:      Gina Salá

 Cultivating Balance

Yoga & Nia in Yelapa, Mexico

with Gina Puccinelli and Cristin Divine

March 24 to 31, 2012

 Cultivating Balance calls you if you have the desire to rejuvenate, reclaim balance, and bask in the wonder of the natural world while deepening your yoga practice.  In addition to yoga and Nia Technique movement, this retreat offers ample opportunity for personal growth and creating community through meditation, council, ceremony, and connection with nature.

For more information or to register contact

 Gina at 831-578-5382 or Cristin at



Om Town Yoga’s Annual Yoga Vacation

with Wendy Lippmann

April 1 – 8, 2012

Join Wendy for A Week That Warms Body and Soul. 

Daily Anusara-Inspired Yoga classes at Sky Temple.  

Time for swimming, hiking, hanging out at the beach, and optional day tripping adventures on land and sea.

Delicious meals together.   For More Info: Om Town Yoga

“Nourish & Replenish”

  with Francesca per  Poorten

 Essential Yoga

 April 8 to 15, 2012

Join us at the Sky Temple in Yelapa, where the studio sits high above bay and looks out over the sea and the hills. People who love to be off the beaten track, appreciate getting to walk, climb hills, be in nature and enjoy the ocean come to Yelapa. Renew this spring in a jungle coastal paradise reached only by boat, experience hiking to the waterfall, beautiful pristine beaches in a pueblo. Feel the mellow vibe of this quiet seaside village and allow it to influence your way of moving through the world. For More Info: Essential Yoga

Seldom Seen Tours with Brad

We are so pleased to offer The Best of Day Trips from Yelapa. Our friend, Brad takes up to 6 people on an adventure to the nearby ranches and places rarely visited. It’s an eye into the real life of Mexico. You will get the oppourtunity to actually feel like family and  enter into the locals houses, eat the freshest of meals and exchange Kindness and Love. This “living museum kind of day” will stay with you through out many years to come. Take a look at Brad’s site and talk to your group leader about experiencing this tour. Paypal accepted.

Happy New Year