Newsletter – July 2011

Yoga in Yelapa                              July  

Welcome the Season

It is early morning. I walk in the dark of my living space in the Sky Temple. Beginning the daily ritual of welcoming the day, I light the altar before dawn.

I sit before the dancing candlelight and my sliding door portals open to the sky. A soothing, calm rhythm is played as the

sea slowly with deep even breaths laps the shore.

I sit in solitude connected to all sacred forces.

The aliveness of the jungle vibration fills the dawn.

Our village has been on a journey toward the rainy season. Each day hotter and dryer in anticipation of the long awaited first rains of summer.

In the bathing of the summer rain colors transform into lushness. New life forms give birth. We watch in awe growth in a climate of wetness and heat.  

 I sit in prayer with the moment of welcoming the season.

A thick fog appears blanketing the horizon in softness.

A light wetness begins to kiss the ground while the white

softness stills the moment. 

There is coolness from the heat. The air fills with the earth’s longing to feel the moist blessing of rain.

Now the long awaited first light rain begins with a gentle rhythm. Richness fills the air with the smell of the dry thirsty earth drinking.

A primal sound of aliveness vibrates on every wave of air and sea to greet the day. Whispers and whistles combine in a bird like chorus that is pleasing to the entire nervous system. The insect buzzing plays in the background like the violins in a grand orchestra.

Nature’s concert grabs my full attention as I become one with the sacred forces of life welcoming the season. It is with this full spirit of welcoming we look forward to all the teachers and guests coming to share the nourishment of community for the Sky Temple season ahead.

Judith    Judith

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Visible Prayers

Intentional Adornment

with Claudia Brown

December 3 to 10, 2011


Drawing on years of using beading as a spiritual practice, Claudia is leading this week of instruction to teach simple methods of learning to bead using prayer and meditation as a way to design and create jewelry with intention and meaning. She will introduce you to an assortment of beads from all over the planet and invite you to bring anything of meaning you may want to incorporate into your piece.


Give yourself a magical experience of creating meaningful adornments in Claudia’s Green Dragon Studio. Surrounded by her garden bird sanctuary and home-as-altar, you will be led on a journey of creation.

Space Limited – 4 Participants – Sign Up Now 

For More Information: Yoga In Yelapa

Yoga in Yelapa, Mexico

with Ronly Blau

January 21 to 28, 2012

Join me for 7 rich days in cultivating mindfulness though yoga, meditation and pranayama. Ronly’s mindfulness yoga interweaves meditation and yoga for a synergistic effect. Each day we will have a meditation practice, an active asana practice and a restorative/rejuvinating practice with free time to explore the natural beauty and culture of Yelapa.


More info: (206) 499-8488 Meadow Heart Ayurveda

Yoga & Ayurveda

with Sarajoy Marsh

January 28 to February 4, 2012

 Winter is the season of inwardness, reflection, and renewal.  Ayurveda suggests this season is a time for our most auspicious spiritual unfolding. Join us in the study of Yoga and Ayurveda specifically directed at deepening your experience (and ease) in meditation, your connection to the natural world as inspiration for life’s questions and creativities, and your innate experience of awe.  We’ll practice the tools of yoga that cultivate the state of dhyana (meditation), naturally, including seated forward bends and twists, inversions, bandhas, pranayama, chanting, and mindfulness.  We’ll draw on a wide array of yoga asana to prepare ourselves for these practices; and we’ll explore the teachings in the Bhagavad Gita for insight into how life unfolds through despondency to clarity, devotion, and surrender.  


For More Info:

 Yoga Retreat

with Lori Gholson

February 4 to 11, 2012


Come and experience a week long retreat which allows both the time and the space to develop a more intimate connection to your practice within the vastness of the open sea and sky. Blending the beauty and preciseness of asana with the depth and focus of pranayama, daily classes will provide the opportunity to settle both the mind and the body as one. Lori Gholson has been teaching with great respect and enthusiasm for yoga for over 14 years.  Her primary teachers are Patricia Walden and Donald Moyer.


For More Info:

 Wings & Water

Yoga & Qigong 

with Martha Hurwitz

and Annie Stocker

February 10 to 18, 2012


The Sky Temple in Yelapa offers a perfect environment for moving deeper into the practices of Yoga and Qigong. Side by side, these two ancient, health-enhancing forms teach us how to be calm, focused, and grounded in connection with the earth. Each day in Yelapa, we will enjoy a warming sunrise and mid-morning practice in either Yoga (asana or pranayama) or Qigong (Soaring Crane Qigong). Afternoons and evenings we’ll take time to reflect together on the journeys our practices take us on, or explore the natural beauty and restfulness Yelapa offers.


For More Info: Two Dog Yoga In Seattle


9th Annual

Yoga & Birding Vacation

with Judith Roth & Bruce Ferry

Feb 18 to 25, 2012


Many report back saying this is  

“A Trip Of A Life Time”


Our Yoga & Birding week in Yelapa is an unparalleled opportunity to commune with nature, delight in the abundant species adorning this area, enjoy yoga in a village seaside setting, walk along the river, swim in the sea and waterfall, eat delicious food and be with like minded fun people.  


Super “EARLY BIRD” Sign Up Discount Till September 10th


For More Info Contact Judith: Yoga In Yelapa


Unleashing Your Creative Spirit

A Jewish Women’s Journey to Yelapa

Feb 26 to March 4, 2012

Facilitated By:

R. Diane Elliot, Nancy Katz and Tammy Lianu


Join us for an immersion into sun and sea, wilderness and wildness, silence and song, Judaism and joy, creativity and consciousness. We will utilize texts from Judaism, from our bodies, from our hearts, and from the earth, as we co-create a living sanctuary of nourishment and connection.


Diane Elliot, rabbi, dancer and somatic therapist; Nancy Katz, nationally recognized Jewish artist and arts educator; and Tammy Lianu, psychotherapist and teacher of the embodiment of Jewish wisdom, are excited to merge their interests and skills to facilitate this program.

 For More Info:

Especially For Women

with Sarahjoy Marsh

March 10 to 17, 2012


Sarahjoy has been working with women in unique and powerful way for more than ten years.  This retreat is an invitation to come together and utilize the tools of yoga to look closely at our path as women.  This work is risky, fun, compelling, surprising, liberating, challenging, and profoundly renewing.  We’ll invite discussion about an array of issues that we face as women, including body image, creativity, self-care, empowerment, and so on.  Prior to the retreat, you will be asked to respond to specific questions, from Sarahjoy, so that she can best tailor the teachings to those of us coming together.  Near the Spring Equinox, this retreat promises to shift the balance of your life toward one of greater self-understanding, compassion, creativity, nurturance, and direction.  


For More Info:


Sound Immersion – Chanting

With Gina Salá

March 17 to 24, 2012

Experience the pleasure and power of vocal freedom.  You can sing!  Your unique voice is a direct path to open to grace and ease in your body, mind and heart!  Learn and practice mantra, deepen the bliss of bhakti yoga (yoga of the heart) through Kirtan (chant) and Nada (sound) yoga. 


Discover your power to learn, create, share and lead chants and songs in several cultural styles. All are welcome, no experience needed. 

For More Info:
      Gina Salá


Cultivating Balance

Yoga & Nia in Yelapa, Mexico

with Gina Puccinelli and Cristin Divine

March 24 to 31, 2012

 Cultivating Balance calls you if you have the desire to rejuvenate, reclaim balance, and bask in the wonder of the natural world while deepening your yoga practice.  In addition to yoga and Nia Technique movement, this retreat offers ample opportunity for personal growth and creating community through meditation, council, ceremony, and connection with nature.

For more information or to register contact

 Gina at 831-578-5382 or Cristin at



Om Town Yoga’s Annual Yoga Vacation

with Wendy Lippmann

April 1 – 8, 2012

Join Wendy for A Week That Warms Body and Soul. 

Daily Anusara-Inspired Yoga classes at Sky Temple.  

Time for swimming, hiking, hanging out at the beach, and optional day tripping adventures on land and sea.

Delicious meals together.   For More Info: Om Town Yoga

“Nourish & Replenish”

  with Francesca per Poorten

 Essential Yoga

 April 8 to 15, 2012

  Join us at the Sky Temple in Yelapa, where the studio sits high above bay and looks out over the sea and the hills. People who love to be off the beaten track, appreciate getting to walk, climb hills, be in nature and enjoy the ocean come to Yelapa. Renew this spring in a jungle coastal paradise reached only by boat, experience hiking to the waterfall, beautiful pristine beaches in a pueblo. Feel the mellow vibe of this quiet seaside village and allow it to influence your way of moving through the world. For More Info: Essential Yoga